“REE4EU” High Temperature Electrolysis Engineering Strategy Meeting

IDENER team has met with SINTEF (HTE leader), Laboratoire de Génie Chimique of the University of Toulouse and Less Common Metals s in Trondheim on 20-22 June in order to discuss High Temperature Electrolysis (HTE) Engineering Strategies. This discussion is of paramount importance as HTE will be implemented in the pilot plant to be built at ELKEM facilities in Norway and Less Common Metals in UK. These pilots will allow to validate main results obtained in the lab concerning the REE recovery when processing different materials, namely: End-Of-Life permanent magnet, permanent magnet swarf and NiMH batteries. Specifically, the HTE reactor in the REE4EU project will afford the direct conversion of RE oxide mixtures, derived from the aforementioned variety of RE-containing wastes, into RE alloys in a cost and environmental friendly way.