About us.

We are a team of engineers, scientists and software developers exploring the potential of AI for solving challenging science and engineering problems. To do so, we are using an extended interpretation of AI which fuses machine learning, systems modelling, advanced control and mathematical optimization. And with that, we aim to create – new, better, sustainable – technologies and business models to ultimately contribute to the human development.

Our beginnings.

Idener was started in 2010 by a group of recent PhD graduates with a strong theoretical background on control and systems engineering. Soon, they got fascinated with the early advancements on machine learning, which they incorporated to their research – the seed of the company was already planted.

Idener today.

We are now an interdisciplinary company capable of developing increasingly intricate AI applications for engineering and science. So far, we have become a valued partner of top research centers, universities and companies. With this background, we are singularly positioned to create real value applying AI beyond the software industry.

Contact information.

HQ Location: Early Ovington 24 – 8, La Rinconada, Seville, Spain (PC: 41300)

Telephone: (+34) 954 46 02 78

General inquires: info@idener.ai
Talent recruiting: careers@idener.ai