An engine for dealing
with complexity.

AI-Core is our integrated engine designed specifically for dealing with complex science and engineering problems. Other approaches use machine learning and data analysis tools for tackling just part of the overall task. AI-Core extends this view incorporating complementary modules for machine learning, systems modelling, advanced control and mathematical optimization – all working coordinately.

The engine is built on top of a hyperconverged storage and processing infrastructure. This features real big data processing capabilities, handling huge amounts of diverse information as fast as it is possible – a requirement for some applications, while in others a guarantee for future upscaling. Security and privacy by design are also core to the implementation, enabling reliable solutions for industrial and public sectors.

Machine learning

Supervised learning.
Unsupervised learning.
Generative models.


Data driven / Mechanistic.

Advanced Control

Optimal control.
Reinforcement learning.


Integration of mathematical
programming solvers.

Advanced controlAutomation.Optimal control.Reinforcement learning. OptimizationIntegration of mathematical programming solvers.Heuristics. Machine learningSupervised learning.Unsupervised learning.Generative models. ModellingMulti-domain.Application-oriented.Data driven / Mechanistic.