Expanding the limits of AI.

Our focus is to exploit the potential of AI beyond the software industry, where it still has massive untapped opportunities to create vast amounts of value. Learning from the challenges of our partners, we are developing applications as diverse as green chemical process optimization, improved design of materials, microbial platforms enhancement, child abuse prosecution and environmental regeneration – and yet, we have just scrapped on the surface of a whole new world of possibilities.

Computational modeling

Classification and prediction

Control of complex systems

Mathematical optimization

AI-Core resources – Horizontals.

The AI-Core engine not only enables complete, end-to-end solutions that were impossible for narrower AI schemes – It also offers a large versatility. Its machine learning module provides capacity for discovering properties, predicting patterns, and learning task execution. The modelling module handles the mathematical descriptions of the systems of interest. The optimal interaction with dynamic environments is supported by the control module. And the optimization module serves a full set of mathematical solvers.

Industries – Verticals.

It is hard to think of any industry that AI is unlikely to touch in a significant way now or in the near future. So far, we have already developed successful projects across industries including energy, manufacturing, logistics, chemical processing, biotech, agrifood, and cybersecurity – There, our approach to AI provides real impact as competitive advantage, increased revenues, cost-savings, reduced time-to-market, and business process efficiency.