IDENER participates in BIOGREEN project

IDENER participates in BIOGREEN project focused on the development of Green Biorefinery concept using high performance, non-food crops to obtain high value added compounds such as bioplastics, acetate membranes and fertilizers. BIOGREEN project aspires to contribute to boost bioeconomy concept and the integration of circular economy model in rural areas improving their competitiveness.

BIOGREEN project is developed in collaboration with the companies Norvento, Agroamb Prodalt, Galchimia and Biot, as well as AINIA and CETIM as associated research centers, and is granted by CDTI (the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology), FEDER (the European Regional Development Fund) and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. BIOGREEN has been one of the projects selected by CDTI in the most recent edition of INNTERCONECTA program.