IDENER attends INNOVA Space in Jaen, Spain 12nd May ’17

The International Fair of Olive Oil and related industries, EXPOLIVA, was held in Jaen from 10 to 13 May 2017. This fair is a worldwide reference in the olive sector, and this year it accounted with the presence of all producer countries.

During this fair, AZTI organised a workshop on 12 May, the INNOVA SPACE, a reference forum of technology and scientific transfer for oil industry. IDENER attended this workshop and gave a presentation about the Biogas2PEM-FC technology, which presents a solution for the waste valorisation from olive oil production. IDENER looks for partnering opportunities with cooperatives and little producers interested in testing the technology, entities interested in supporting the technology development and SOFC fuel cell experts.

For more information, please download the presentation here: IDENER-Biogas2PEM-FC