IDENER project – SCRREEN launches CRM awareness online campaign

In the bid to raise the awareness of new critical raw materials, the European SCRREEN project is launching a multilingual communication campaign on 26 March 2018. This campaign is geared towards informing and educating the European public on the challenges linked to the 27 raw materials classified as ‘critical’ by the European Commission.

Cars, wind turbines, solar panels and smartphones… ‘critical’ raw materials (CRMs) are used in all the technologies that are essential for the energy and digital transition. Through 12 visuals, The Superpowers of New Critical Raw Materials campaign aims to make the general public aware of the different forms which critical raw materials take in our day-to-day life. CRMs are raw materials which have economic importance and are subject to possible scarcity. Their exploitation often leads to environmental, economic and geopolitical challenges which the campaign will inform by shedding light on the different initiatives led by Europe to address them. As part of this campaign, a new visual will be published and promoted monthly via the SCRREEN website and Twitter account @SCRREEN_EU. To ensure the maximum reach of this campaign, visuals and short informative messages will be available in 5 languages – French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.

Download the complete SCRREEN_Press release to know more about why critical raw materials are important, and EU initiatives, including SCRREEN project.