LAW-TRAIN final meeting at Lisbon, 11-12 June ’18

On 11 and 12 June, the LAW-TRAIN consortium met at LISBOA to present the final results of the project. The meeting took place at the Jupiter Hotel by courtesy of the INESC-ID partners. During the first day, the project’s partners share their impressions on the final results of the project. In addition, the different demonstration activities for the next day were prepared. During the meeting, the end users participating in the project showed their interest in the continuation of the research activities conducted in the framework of the LAW-TRAIN project. In their opinion, the results reached in the project are quite promising and they are looking forward to the further development of the technology.

The second day, the official review with the Project Officer and the project monitors took place. For some hours, the partners showed the last results of the project and commented on their planned further research actions in their areas. After this, the partners, led by IDENER (as Integration responsible), demonstrated the developed technology to the commission representatives. Despite some internal concerns, the IDENER team decided to demonstrate the whole platform using the real environment deployed (and used) for the end users. No videos, presentations or dummy data were used during this session. The result, as the consortium expected, was a quite good reaction from the reviewers, who had the opportunity of seeing the good results obtained in the project. Indeed, at the end of the session, the officer and the experts shared their preliminary evaluation and express their great satisfaction with the project results.

According to this situation, the LAW-TRAIN consortium is already looking for new opportunities to continue the development of the LAW-TRAIN technologies. Our goal, as it was three years ago, is to provide proper support, through innovative technology solutions, to our LEA’s. This will allow them to tackle, in the best possible way, the potential crimes and risks our societies are facing today.