Idener at SPIRE Industry 4.0 workshops, Brussels 1-2 October

Idener was present in the SPIRE workshops that took place at the beginning of October. Once again we did not miss the opportunity to present the progress in the MORSE and FUDIPO projects, not only presenting some Posters during both sessions but also discussing our strategies in such projects.

During the workshop about Digital Technologies in Process Industry on the 1st of October, we had the opportunity of confirming that the Control and Optimisation tasks and the ICT tasks which are in current development both in FUDIPO and in MORSE projects are completely aligned with the needs of a Process Industry. It is currently demanding stronger Digitalization of the production processes and innovations in the optimization methods, searching for more efficiency in the production, in the use of raw materials and in energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Those objectives will be reinforced and extended in the SPIRE vision for 2050 of an “integrated and digital European process industry fostering a ‘well below 2ºC’ scenario and a fully circular future for our planet and society”. Once again, the main goals of MORSE and FUDIPO projects share in many aspects the value proposition of the future SPIRE 2050 and we keep working to make them come true.