3rd Prométhée Workshop – Bioleaching, From The Mechanisms To The Process, From Experimental Approaches To Modelling

Idener attended to the 3rd Prométhée workshop (10th October, Orleans, France) dedicated to bioleaching and organised by BRGM in Orleans. This event was a great opportunity for us to network and share ideas and we had the pleasure to listen to international experts from the field of biomining fundamentals, bioleaching process modelling and industrial applications of bioleaching.

The workshop was focused on bioleaching state of the art, current research and industrial projects and perspectives of development. We found especially interesting for our projects the cutting-edge models developed for heap leaching and bioreactors. Besides, it was exposed such important points as the gas mass transfer in bioleaching processes, the application of bioleaching to the recovery of metals contained in E-wastes and the metal extraction from deep mineralized ores using bioleaching, among others.