MORSE – 12-months review meeting at Seville, Spain. 7-8th November 2018

MORSE consortium gathered in Seville the past 7-8th November. In addition to the common review of the status of the different work packages, tasks, deliverables and milestones, the meeting was focused on the analysis of the different use cases. In this line, several presentations and workshops were done in parallel in order to maximise the dedication of the assisted partners. During the first day, the focus was put into SSAB and MFL cases while on the second, the OUTOKUMPU case was analysed. As a result, a clear roadmap of the next steps has been established as well as the list of contributions needed from each partner in order to meet the goals established for the next six months.

Moreover, the first day afternoon, the consortium had the opportunity of enjoying a tour around the city centre and discover our gothic cathedral, some curiosities about Christopher Columbus, and some hidden places. After this, they enjoyed a dinner in an old palace-house.

Regarding IDENER, the focus during the meeting was put in three main aspects. First, and in line with the general meeting scope, the focus was put on further defining the corresponding use cases for SSAB and OUKU, regarding the application of the RL technologies for the development of operator support systems. Second, a review of the already developed dissemination and communication activities as well as of the plan for future activities was reviewed. In this line, María González-Moya made a presentation where she highlighted the importance of being active in the social media for increasing our audience. Lastly, our colleague Santiago Moreira started the discussions regarding the exploitation of the project results and presented a plan for the elaboration of the related documents and activities.

Summarising, from IDENER we felt that the meeting was successful and that enabled the consortium members to interchange opinions, plans and needs. We hope that the rest of the partners think the same.