NEMO EU PROJECT: 6-months meeting in Seville (Spain)

After 6 months from the beginning of the project, NEMO consortium met in Seville (Spain) in order to update the developed activities and to set the basis for further work. All partners presented their main results and established discussions to ensure the collaborative work and the planned tasks related to sample delivering and design of the pilots that which will be constructed during the life of the NEMO project.

IDENER leads WP5 related to the engineering of the complete NEMO plant and the design of a Decision Support Tool (DST) in order to provide a global view and control of the NEMO concept. To achieve these goals, face-to-face meetings with other involved partners is essential and the M6 meeting was the best context to assure the communication and to identify the main actors in the involved tasks.

A visit to Cobre las Cruces mine (one of the study cases) in Gerena (Seville, Spain) was also planned these days in order to know more about the operations in the open pit and in the production of copper cathodes. The visit was very instructive and helped the consortium to understand the improvements that will be performed after the NEMO pilot that will be installed in Cobre las Cruces facilities.