CROCODILE technical workshop in San Sebastian concluded fulfilling the expectations of the audience

On 12 March, the technical workshop of CROCODILE H2020 project took place at the premises of Tecnalia in San Sebastian (Spain) with the objective of integrating the technical work developed by the different partners and discuss important topics for the project.

IDENER participated during the first day, introducing to the pre-treatment team, a data collection tool that has been developed together with LOMARTOV and ENVAQUA in order to ensure proper exchange of information among partners. Next day, IDENER presented the preliminary study of the engineering design, explaining to the technical partners what the limitations and synergies between the different technologies after the integration of the processes are. Also, a preliminary economic and budgetary study was presented to ensure the proper continuity of the project.

This fruitful workshop concluded fulfilling the expectations of the audience; attributable to the great exchange of information among partners and the setting of clear next actions for each team.