On 3rd and 4th of April the second meeting of European funded project WHAM was held in Ferriere Nord facilities in Osoppo.

Spring begins, and a lot of good ideas are blooming in all our WHAM partners. Close to the beautiful city of Udine famous for its historical city centre full of buildings strongly influenced by Venetian culture, WHAM consortium has celebrated its second meeting hosted by our industrial partner Ferriere Nord (Osoppo). To remark, the productive environment generated by the combination of the modern building of Ferriere Nord Headquarters, the warm hospitality and the commitment of all WHAM partners led by our coordinator, RINA Consulting. Thus, the consortium specified the primary tasks within WHAM project aiming to improve the efficiency of the global water system, by the combination of a WHAM system for supervision and optimisation of the water network and the implementation of innovative technologies for water treatment.