12-month-meeting of NEMO project in Espoo, Finland.

One year has passed since the NEMO project started! And these days, the complete consortium joined together in VTT facilities in Espoo (Finland) in order to review and discuss all the achievements in this period. The meeting started with an exploitation workshop chaired by VTT as leader of the involved work package where a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities y Threats) analysis focused on the NEMO concept was developed with the collaboration of all members of the Exploitation Committee. After the workshop, the General Assembly discussed the most important issues raised in the lifetime of the project and it was followed by technical meetings held in parallel for discussing about the status of the pilots, the situation of the transferring of samples between partners, the progress of each partner compared to the plan and the definition of the steps to be carried out in the next period until M18.

During the second meeting day, all work package leaders explained the progress and status of the work highlighting the main goals and achievements in line with the general objectives of the project. IDENER, as leader of WP5, explained the obtained results related to the modelling of the pilots for the implementation of a future virtual NEMO plant as well as the developed work for the engineering of the different pilots. All the presentations led to fruitful discussions and guidelines for the progress of the work in the forthcoming months.