IDENER attends ESIEM (University of Seville) for informing about the job opportunities for students and recent graduates

The past 31st April 2019, the University of Seville organised an event called ESIEM, which was an engineering meeting point for students and recent graduates. There, the companies took the opportunity of presenting them and their job opportunities. All the present companies as IDENER were engineering-related. IDENER is offering paid scholarships to those students who are willing to make a career in the scientific-private research in the following fields: scientific computing, artificial intelligence and advanced process control. On behalf of IDENER, our enthusiastic colleagues Andrea and María went to find and inform the young in its last year, or master students, who wish to enrol in the R&D sector with a studentship. Also, the offer is open to recent graduates who would like to incorporate as junior engineers.

This event was a good experience for both companies who let know themselves and young engineers who learnt about the job market and had direct contact with companies representatives and job offers.