CROCODILE consortium meets in Düsseldorf for the M12 meeting!

After one year from the beginning of the project, the complete CROCODILE consortium joined together during 22th and 23th May for discussing the achievements and the work developed in this period. The meeting took place in the Goethe Museum in Düsseldorf, a cultural-historical museum devoted to the greatest German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. During the sessions, WP leaders presented the activities developed in the last months as well as the milestones and reports presented. After that, all consortium was invited to ask questions and discuss the further task in the following 6-month period. After these interesting sessions, partners were invited to join for an organized visit to ACCUREC facilities who is in charge of the pre-treatment of Co-bearing input streams in order to provide a homogeneous product with high Co content.

IDENER, as WP5 leader, presented during the last session the main activities carried out for the basic engineering of the CROCODILE mobile plant base on the support of the scientific partners involved.