PROMETIA 6th Scientific Seminar

This year’s PROMETIA Scientific Seminar was held on 21-23 October in Kristiansand, Norway.

The program allows for time to network and discuss or draft future collaborative projects. IDENER takes this opportunity to learn about current projects and research in the field of primary, secondary and material recycling.

On the first day, the General Assembly of PROMETIA was held. New partners for the organization, budgets, and future activities were approved. We welcome among others to CRM Group. In addition, there was also a “Brokerage event” where several ideas of proposals were presented with the idea of being able to form a competitive consortium.

On the second and third day, there were different presentations by the members of PROMETIA showcasing not only the significant aspects of their organizations, but some projects that they have underway, or that have already ended with success. It was a pleasure to see how some H2020 projects conclude with the adoption of the technology developed in a large industry, being used after finishing the project as part of its technology.

This year’s event has been a success, the room was full, very interesting discussions have arisen, and we all leave with a good taste that collaboration between countries is really important for development and innovation. We are looking forward to participating in new proposals and activities. We thank those who have organized the event (ELKEM, LGI, Stéphane Bourg) since everything has gone perfectly, the site was spectacular and the meals delicious.