IDENER attended the EU Raw Materials Week 2019

One more year, IDENER attended the “Raw Materials Week” as an opportunity to discuss and exchange technology, cooperation and knowledge with different stakeholders of the raw materials community. In this context, a series of events were organized by the European Commission addressing the latest news on raw materials in the EU. In this fourth edition, IDENER had the opportunity to join some of the talks organized for the first two days and to meet several stakeholders for identifying potential future collaborations within the H2020 and ‘Horizon Europe’ framework.

During the first day, IDENER was present at the 3rd EU Critical Raw Materials Event were the speakers offered an opportunity to get an update about the latest EU activities in the field of Critical Raw Materials. Besides, we had the opportunity to attend the ‘Horizon 2020 Technology success stories’ event were the objective was to underline how activities in the area of raw materials will benefit from project developments, such as Metgrow Plus in which IDENER is one of the partners involved.

On the second day, IDENER could be part of the ‘Innovation, New Technology Trends, and Skills for Raw Materials’. In this event, new technology trends in exploration, mining, and processing were presented. After that, the session turned to a discussion about how to keep and develop knowledge and skills for professionals in the raw materials sector. Finally, the event ended up with a brokerage session in which project ideas were presented by stakeholders.

We will see what awaits for IDENER in futures events.