Cityloops Workshop in Sevilla

During the 25th and 26th of September, a workshop was held in Seville to obtain a better understanding of the material flows that generates wastes, who is involved in the value chain and how the system works. Among the Cityloops partners, the Seville City CouncilLipasam and Emasesa participated in the workshop.

Due to the direct involvement of Seville in the waste management process, Cátedra contributed with its knowledge of what materials can be included in each of the waste streams to be studied, as well as identifying which companies and organizations at the Seville level are involved.

On the first day, the evaluation of the circularity of the flow of the RDC sector was proposed at the Seville level and at a pilot scale in the city. On the 26th, it was a question of evaluating the circularity in the organic waste sector at both scales. Waste from these two sectors constitutes two of the waste streams with the most significant environmental impact in cities.

The CityLoops workshop also offered an insight into Circular Buying, as a key tool to support the transition to the circular economy.