FUDIPO Project has come to an end

The FUDIPO project has come to an end. After 4 years of hard work, the objectives have been achieved satisfactorily, having developed numerous optimization and control tools in different industries that will greatly benefit European sustainability. It has been an honour to work with the different partners of the project during these years, to be able to participate together in the different meetings and learn from each other. Although this last year has been more difficult due to the current situation, the project has been completed successfully. Thanks to MDH University for their excellent coordination. We really hope that this project is the door to future collaborations and work.

We leave you the final newsletter of the project where the main activities of this last year are summarized, a farewell from the coordinators and some of the FUDIPO researchers, and the results of the use cases and publications.  Don’t miss it!

FUDIPO – 4th Public Newsletter