ZEOCAT-3D: M24 meeting

At the M24 meeting held online on the 24th of March, all the partners involved in the ZEOCAT-3D project exposed the progress made during the last 6 months of the project, as well as the next task to be carried out.

Each partner explained their work development while the rest of the consortium suggested possible improvement options for the project and raised technical discussions of the task which are being run at the moment.

IDENER is the coordinator of this project, so our interventions were mainly focused on ensuring the correct project development, leading the meeting, and talking about several aspects, such as the overall coordination activities, the administration and financial management, the data management plan development, and the ethics requirement.

Furthermore, IDENER also leads some activities related to multi-scale modelling activities and the specifications of the catalyst and the new process to develop. Thus, we also present the progress achieved in the development of the mathematical models and simulations, as well as our next actions for the next 6 months.

Despite the current COVID 19 situation, any problems or obstacle was found the meeting celebration and the communication activities, and some technical discussions were carried out. But, in our opinion, a face-to-face meeting is better than an online meeting since it is possible to maintain a closer relationship with the different partners.