VITAL was born on 14 june last

The VITAL project started in June 2022, and it could not be otherwise than with a corresponding Kick-off Meeting, in this case a virtual one. The main objective of the project is to generate knowledge and experience that will help us to replace today’s synthetic thermoplastics with bio-based plastics in future European activities, resulting in cleaner and climate-neutral industrial value chains. For this aim, 14 partners from 8 different countries have participated and presented their activities in the launch event for the next 3 years within the project.

VITAL for the achievement of the above mentioned objective will focus on the development of thermoplastic foaming processes, combined with intelligent digital control approaches, which will enable the use of bio-based thermoplastics in the European industry. In addition, the development of a globally unique 3D printing approach for foamed thermoplastics. These transformative technologies represent three “value chains”.

VITAL brings together a world-leading consortium of industrial processors and equipment manufacturers, together with end-user partners from the automotive, electronics and marine sectors, and leading research and technology organisations from across Europe.