METALLICO kick off meeting celebrated in Sevilla

The kick off meeting of the METALLICO project was hold in Seville on the 11th and 12th January. The METALLICO project aims to recover battery metals (Li, Co, Cu, Ni, Zn, etc.) from primary and secondary industrial resources. For that purpose, five different processes will be designed and upscaled in different partners facilities.
In this sense, the idea of this first project meeting was to set the basis for the development of the different task and work packages regarded in the project. Thus, as project the coordinator, IDENER led the meeting and presented the activities related to the overall project coordination, as well as another work package related to the modelling, optimization, and engineering activities which are going to be carried out during the project development.
The rest of the partners also exposed their presentations about different topics, such as the fine-tunning of the studied processes at the lab-scale, the pilots construction and operation and the further validation of the final products obtained. Moreover, the planned activities of other horizontal work packages about the sustainability analysis and the communication, dissemination, exploitation and business plan were also presented. Thus, all the partners were informed about the next activities planned.
In this sense, any problems or obstacle was found the meeting celebration, it was a good opportunity to meet the whole consortium and plan the project start-up.