SUNSON and THERMOBAT join forces: Exploring Innovations in Solar Energy Storage and Thermal Battery Technologies at Trondheim Workshop

Fostering Collaboration: In the first collaborative workshop, SUNSON meets THERMOBAT Partners!

The SUNSON Project had the wonderful privilege of connecting with esteemed partners from the sister project, THERMOBAT, during our recent consortium meeting at NTNU facilities in Trondheim, Norway.

To foster overall team alignment, top researchers and professors from IDENER, HOLOSS, UPM, PSA – CIEMAT, NTNU, and IonVacc presented the fundamentals of their research in an extremely approachable and comprehensive style. For instance, IDENER’s team take the chance to share their expertise presenting a topic about one of the most recent trends “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” by Doru Andreaina. The workshop brought together key players such as Thermophoton, Vesuvius-Foseco, and Entech, providing a unique platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Furthermore, engaging conversations and discussions throughout the workshop allowed us to exchange insights, learn from one another’s experiences, and foster potential areas of collaboration. This interaction has undoubtedly broadened and deepened our collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the field of solar energy storage and thermal battery technologies.

 We sincerely appreciate your unwavering support and collaboration. Together, let us move forward!