Find out what went down on the last EMMC Workshop.

Find out what went down on the last EMMC Workshop.


Find out what went down on the last EMMC Workshop.

Workshop on industrial impact of materials modelling

In the EMMC Workshop, which took place in Turin from the 8th to 10th of July, a consistent number of experts from the different stakeholders involved in materials development gathered together in order to provide a discussion platform for industrial requirements as compared to state-of-the-art modelling techniques. The ambition of the workshop was to cover the more relevant aspects which are critical to the widespread adoption of materials modelling techniques in the industry. To this, six thematic sessions were organized and covered:

1) State-of-the-art modelling techniques and guidelines for further model developments.

2) The perspective of European software owners/developers.

3) The economic impact of materials modelling on industrial innovation.

4) Strategies for improving the two-way transfer of knowledge between academia and industry.

5) Interoperability requirements and frameworks for the integration of models and software.

Finally, a special session was dedicated to the discussion of the potential of artificial intelligence in the framework of materials modelling, with particular emphasis on the benefit for high-throughput simulations, big data and their mining and industrial automation towards Industry 4.0.

In this context, IDENER joined the group of stakeholders in order to participate in the discussions and to feed the internal network for future project ideas related to the area of materials modelling techniques. This environment was the proper one for strengthening IDENER’s position in the sector and to find new potential partners and ideas for further collaborations. These collaborations will help to identify critical areas needing development, possible bottlenecks for the adoption and use of materials models and to design proper strategies for more efficient exploitation and further development of materials models