IDENER participates in three published “Raw Material Commitments”

IDENER participates in three published “Raw Material Commitments”

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IDENER participates in three published “Raw Material Commitments”

As part of its strategical positioning in the Raw Materials area, IDENER has recently participated in the Call for Commitment (CfC) launched by the EIP Raw Materials. According to EIP Raw Materials website description, ” A commitment is a joint undertaking by several partners, who commit to activities aimed at achieving the EIP’s objectives between 2014 and 2020. Commitments must aim to deliver innovative products, processes, services, technologies, business models or ideas that can be brought to the market or that would bring wider societal benefits. The EIP’s commitments are essential to achieve the objectives set out in the EIP’s Strategic Implementation Plan.”.

Specifically, the company has joined four initiatives  that were presented to such call and three of them have been published, recognising this way their importance in order to fulfil EIP objectives. The three commitments awarded are:

EHI – Creation of a European Hydrometallurgical Institute

EUROPEM – Creation of a European research network on ore processing and extractive metallurgy

MetGROW – Metal Recovery from Low Grade Ores and Wastes

By participating in this CfC, IDENER positions itself ahead in the Raw Materials research area, specially regarding extraction and metal recovery. Important stakeholders from this area such as CEA, VITO, VTT, Tecnalia, TUC, LARCO, IMN, CARTIF, etc are involved in these commitments, increasing and fostering partnerships and the sharing of knowledge between actors (industry, public services, academia, SME, etc).