SCRREEN-2 takes off

SCRREEN-2 takes off

Project Kickoff

SCRREEN-2 takes off.

After successfully completing the SCRREEN project led by the PROMETIA association, it was decided to bet on a new project based on the results achieved to continue facing the challenge of supplying raw materials in Europe.

To this end, the CEA opted for a new project “SCRREEN-2” where, in addition to analyzing the different value chains of the different raw materials, their characteristics and sources, much emphasis is placed on the fact that the information generated in the experts is valuable, of quality and useful for decision-making at the political and individual level.

In this way, the new SCRREEN-2 knowledge platform will be an improved system that will allow the user to obtain information in a more efficient and higher quality way.

The SCRREEN-2 project, which will last 3 years, started successfully on November 20, where IDENER will lead the capitalization of the information generated by the experts.

We are very happy to be participating again in this European initiative for a more sustainable and resilient future Europe.