Boosting manufacturing plants’ transformation with self-collaborative robots.


Project ONE4ALL: Agile and modular cyber-physical technologies supported by data-driven digital tools to reinforce manufacturing resilience.

ONE4ALL aims to boost manufacturing plants’ transformation, especially SMEs, towards industry 5.0, reinforcing their resilience under unexpected changes in social needs. It is done through a human-and-sustainability-centered development of plug-and-produce reconfigurable cyber-physical production modules (RCPMs). Those consists of self-reconfigurable mobile collaborative robots embedded with IIOT devices for real-time monitorization and interconnectivity. 

In addition, the physical modules and the processes addressed by those are being replicated digitally through data-driven digital twins and controlled by a self-learning AI-based distributed and multidisciplinary decision support system (DSS). The open-source approaches are promoted throughout the whole project to ease the interoperability of the components. 

All in all, interconnected and efficiently managed by an intelligent orchestration platform, with defined modules interfaces for the RCPM, production, product quality, sustainability aspects, business model, DSS and help desk to involve the end-user in everything that is going on across the whole supply chain, improve the understanding and assess the decision making.

An adaptive training programme for digital upskilling is implemented over the entire project to prepare the workforce for the I5.0 transformation and fully exploit the potential of the technologies. The resilience of manufacturing operations is targeted to be enhanced by better anticipating the demand changes and providing more flexibility to act, thanks to the digital tools and modular and flexible structure integrated within the whole system. 

The potential of ONE4ALL is demonstrated in two relevant environments from different sectors (agri-food and pharmaceutical), both highly affected by disruption given their high and fluctuant demand and not fully impacted yet by I5.0 transformations. Consequently, the project aims to have a high impact and replicability opportunities.

Our main tasks

  • Project coordination
  • Resource consumption monitoring and optimization tool
  • Digital maturity & Sustainability assessment module
  • Requirements and specifications of DTs and DSS
  • Data-driven digital twins module development, validation and tune-up
  • Smart distributed decision support system module development, validation and tune-up
  • Innovative architectures and open-source protocols scouting
  • Secure and open-source infrastructure
  • IOP Infrastructure tools – development and validation
  • IOP interfaces development, deployment and tune-up of the platform
  • RCPM specifications, requirements and workplan
  • IIOT devices for real-time monitorization
  • Cobots development and integration with the digital tools



Start date – finish date

01 / 2023 - 12 / 2026

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 101091877