IDENER on behalf of SCRREEN project in Raw Materials Week 2018

The third edition of the Raw Materials Week took place in Brussels from 12 – 16 November 2018. It was a good opportunity for the raw materials community to discuss and exchange on all relevant issues: policy, technology, international cooperation, framework conditions, etc. The event was divided into several sessions. Thursday 15th was dedicated first to Drivers and Solutions …

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REE4EU project launches a new brochure!

REE4EU project, aimed at metal recycling from spent batteries, is launching a new brochure in its third year. In this brochure, you have the possibility of having a quick view of the third year project results. Download the brochure here: REE4EU-Brochure-third-year Check out the rest of the brochures and public information on REE4EU website:

REE4EU presented in ECOMONDO 2018

REE4EU project was presented at ECOMONDO 2018, the leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo, which was held in Rimini (Italy) from 6th to 9th November. REE4EU took part in a poster presentation to show its results and progresses in one of the circular economy sessions, in front of the most innovative organizations and industries active in this field. The project results …

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REE4EU progress meeting in Viviez

On 10th October, the REE4EU partners were hosted by SNAM, in Viviez. The consortium had the great opportunity to visit their premises: this French company is one of the leading European key players in the field of collecting and recycling batteries and it is strongly taking part in the REE4EU activities. For their M36 Progress Meeting, the …

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NEMO EU PROJECT: 6-months meeting in Seville (Spain)

After 6 months from the beginning of the project, NEMO consortium met in Seville (Spain) in order to update the developed activities and to set the basis for further work. All partners presented their main results and established discussions to ensure the collaborative work and the planned tasks related to sample delivering and design of the …

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Bioreco2ver: First General Assembly In Madrid

The first general assembly meeting of the BioRECO2VER project was held on Madrid in June’18. A total number of 12 partners from 9 different countries discussed about the work done during the first 6 months of project. All activities are executed by a well-balanced and experienced group of 2 Research and Technology Organizations (RTO), 2 universities, …

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Afterlife First General Assembly Meeting In Espoo

EU project, AFTERLIFE’s general assembly meeting was held in VTT site in Espoo, Finland. Great discussions and meetings, enjoyed talking to everyone, facility visit at VTT and we had a great time. Learn more about AFTERLIFE here:

Kick-off-meeting of Liberate project, Barcelona (Spain), 18th of October ’18.

LIBERATE kick-off meeting was held at Barcelona the 18th of October of 2018. The European Union has awarded a grant of 10 million Euro to LIBERATE, a Horizon 2020 collaborative project carried out by an international consortium led by Leitat. The project partners are research centres and universities such as the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, TNO, SINTEF, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, University of Alicante, large enterprises …

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IDENER at Dechema event in Frankfurt, 18th October 2018

On October 18 2018, the consortiums participating the COCOP, CoPro, FUDIPO and MONSOON projects celebrated a workshop in Frankfurt, in DECHEMA facilities. The event, which was titled “Digitized Operations for Sustainable Process Industries”, was a complete success and succeeded in bringing interested parties to it. Both the Project Officer Angelica Marino and the External Advisor also …

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MORSE – 12-months review meeting at Seville, Spain. 7-8th November 2018

MORSE consortium gathered in Seville the past 7-8th November. In addition to the common review of the status of the different work packages, tasks, deliverables and milestones, the meeting was focused on the analysis of the different use cases. In this line, several presentations and workshops were done in parallel in order to maximise the dedication …

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